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Jesus Loves You is the official winner of the Book of the Year Award by CSPA!

You can buy the first book in the series at https:/​/​www.amazon.ca/​Jesus-Loves-You-Christine-Topjian/​dp/​1519489102
For my American friends, you can purchase it at https:/​/​www.amazon.com/​Jesus-Loves-Christine-Topjian-2015-11-23/​dp/​B01F9R3DV6
You can also buy it directly from the publisher at http:/​/​lighthousechristianpublishing.com/​contact_59.html

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Welcome to the official website for the Jesus Series - our first award-winning book, Jesus Loves You, is our intro book to the series with many more coming as soon as God 's timing says it's time for the next book. The second in the series: Love and Kindness.

The idea for the Jesus series came to Christine as she was praying fervently and wanted to do more for the Kingdom of God. Her first book, Jesus Loves You, came to her one morning by the grace of God, as she was hanging out at home, in quiet time with the Lord. The words quite literally came flooding to her and as she was scribbling away furiously on a notepad, she knew He had given her the words to her first book.

I pray you begin or continue an amazing relationship with our Savior upon reading my heart-warming classical series.

God calls us all into a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.